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One Life One Chance with Toby Morse

May 9, 2022

In this episode Toby chats with Sonny Sandoval, singer of P.O.D., social media, music and feelings, marrying his first love, wives, growing up in SD, immigrant partying parents, parents discovering their faith, mom diagnosed with leukemia and discovering his faith, being into East Coast hip-hop and getting into punk rock, surfing, his kids, being a low key guy, getting into the band, opening for Green Day, DIY touring, putting out records, opening for Primus and Sevendust, touring with Korn, Ozzfest, taking out Linkin Park, going gold, different producers, 9/11 propelling Alive, negotiating with labels and writing a new record, cutting his hair, Rastafari, tattoos, warmups, god, covid, social media, hip hop, family and Adam Sandler being a fan.

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